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Who Will Come Out on Top

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Welcome to antmicontest. This is an icontest community about the the hit show America's Next Top Model.

Each week a challenge will be posted and you'll have a week to submit up to 2 icons. You will post your entries to the challenge post. (Comments are screened.) At the end of the week, I will post the entries and you will comment with your choice of favorites (once again comments are screened). After the voting is complete I will post the winners along with Mod's Choice and we will start the process all over again.


1) Up to 2 Icons per week unless otherwise stated.
2) You can only use the pictures provided.
3) All Icons submitted MUST be made by you.
4) All icons must be the Livejournal Standards. (100x100pxls, 40K, and .jpg, .png, or .gif formats)
5) When entering post both img and url versions.
6) Do NOT post your icon anywhere else until voting is over.
7) Do NOT vote for yourself.
8) Do NOT take others' icons unless they say you can.
9) All icons entered into a challenge must be original. No copying others or just changing the base of an icon you've already made. If you made a batch of icons in the same style and want to enter it, then that's fine, but please don't show the other icons in the batch until the voting for the challenge is over.


Thursday: Challenge #1 goes up.
Next Thursday: Voting for Challenge #1 goes up.
Friday: Challenge 2 goes up.
Saturday/Sunday: Challenge #1 winners go up.

Entry Format



Mod's Choice

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All graphics used in userinfo made by _toxication. Brushes by quebelly.

And last but not least..

Have fun, be creative, and good luck with the challenge. :)
Mods: lilangelgurl011 & _toxication
Bannermakers: ilanabelladonna
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