Michelle (lilangelgurl011) wrote in antmicontest,

Challenge 53

95- Enter 4 icons as a comment to this post
- Please post both the image and the url
- All icons must be 100% by you and must be made specifcly for this challenge
- All icons must mete livejournal standards (100x100pxls, 40k, .jpg, .png, or .gif formats)
- Don't post your icon anywhere until winners are announced.

Icons 1-3:
Use any pictures from the EPISODE PORTFOLIO or the EPISODE PHOTOS... to make these... but, at least one of these 3 icons need to be from the PORTFOLIO and at lease one has to be from the PHOTOS... so if you choose to only enter 2 of these icons then 1 has to be from PHOTOS and one has to be from the PORTFOLIO...

Icon 4:
Use the picture of TYRA from this weeks episode.

DUE: Thursday May 18th
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