_toxication (_toxication) wrote in antmicontest,

Challenge 54

In celebration of this season's winner, you can make two icons of Danielle and one icon of Joanie.
You can do one Joanie, one Danielle; two Danielle; one of Joanie only; ect. But the maximum is two of Danielle and one of Joanie.

You can use any picture of them at all, whether their portfolio (Danielle's & Joanie), from episode caps (UPN's here), or any random photo they're in, as long as they are in it.

Have fun!

Deadline: May 25
Entries: 7
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i'm just wonder whats going on with the winners for Challenges 50 and 52...
if you need me to post them i will... if not thats cool too
just lets me know whats going on
52 I'm working on.. 50 I thought I had already posted (and just realized that I didn't. x-x) will go off and do them now. :)
it happens...